Trilobite separation technology has applications in:
• domestic, service and industrial water treatment
• oil and gas industry including offshore water treatment and treatment of engine oil, fuel and hydraulic oil
 particle classification 
 fish and shellfish farming
• medical laboratory processes such as blood analysis; pretreatment of samples for diagnosis; separating out parasites, viruses and bacteria from blood and other fluids; dialysis of blood

Trilobite continues to develop new and complementary patents alongside its established technology platforms.

Strategy 2017 – 2022

Trilobite will continue pressing the advantages of its low-density particle separation technologies over traditional filtration and hydrocyclone methods. 

This advantage in cell and microorganism processing, as well as cost, footprint and green improvements means Trilobite is well positioned for the medtech and water treatment sectors.

The company strategy is to focus on seawater treatment before moving into general water treatment sectors.