Innovation starts with an idea but requires business incubation.

Industrial designer Ranveig Stalsberg and Trilobite Development follow a Design Thinking methodology that combines creative design with business strategy. Based in the Norwegian tech hub of Kristiansand, home to oil, gas and engineering innovation and experience. 

Product Development

  • We work with you to turn your idea into a prototype or finalised product.
  • In-house expertise in 3D-modelling, testing laboratories, workshop testing such as mechanical completion and internal/field acceptance

Human Capital

  • Human networking services can help recruit project managers, engineers, industrial designers, laboratory staff, etc.
  • We can add ideation, design thinking and innovation to your company. Develop and train valuable staff or lead yourself, from the top, with executive mentoring.

Contact us for an obligation free presentation and discussion of how our team can deliver the solution to realising your idea and product.